David Wilkerson leaves a huge gap

May 3, 2011
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One of David Wilkerson's most important qualities was his ability to speak out powerfully against the nonsense that occurs in so many so-called charismatic and pentecostal revivals. He was speaking against the unbiblical nature of such things, even before the 'Toronto Blessing'.

What made his denunciations of such heresies all the more powerful was this significant fact. He was a Pentecostal preacher himself! He fully understood what the Bible says about the continuance of the charismatic gifts. But he also understood their misuse.

For many of us in Pentecostalism, David Wilkerson was therefore a breath of fresh air. We were troubled by the heretical nature of Toronto or Lakeland. But the denunciations by those of an unbiblical cessationist position were untenable. So we looked to Wilkerson's words for good theology and common sense.

One big question must now be this; who can take on that role now? Wilkerson's untimely death has left a huge gap for biblical pentecostalism. This is one of many reasons why we will miss him.

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