July 11, 2012
Author Article Fun

Image from Wikimedia Commons

I love crumpets! But you can't buy them in Pensacola (that's not 100% true – I found one place, but they cost a great deal of money!).

If you have never had crumpets, then you have never lived. Bubbly on one side, and flat on the other, they are grilled and then spread with butter, while hot, so that the melting butter fills the bubble holes. Even better is to grill cheese on to them! Then you bite into them, and smear the delicious melted butter from your chin before it drips on to your shirt!

So, I thought I would make some. How hard could it be, I thought? The answer is – very hard. The crumpets that I made actually tasted pretty good, but the bubbles forming in the crumpet did not pop to give the proper crumpet-top appearance that soaks up all the butter.

Maybe I just need to try again.

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