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December 12, 2012
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I love the whole new concept of Apologetics Fiction – defending the Christian faith, by means of well told and interesting stories. But how can people get started in this field, if they have never written a full length novel before? Is there anywhere where short stories could be published?

I want to put a book together, which will be a digest of new Apologetics fiction. My idea is to have a collection of maybe about 20 short stories. I need your help to do this.

My idea is to use a self-publish system, and use crowd-funding to raise the necessary finance. The requirements for finance and how this would work are listed below.

wof3dThe book is provisionally titled “Worlds of Faith”. I need your help in providing the material for the book. So I am going to use the Kickstarter crowd-funding website to do this. I will use a print-on-demand system to produce paperback books. The system I will use will be either Create Space, or The Book Patch. TBP is a bit cheaper, but CS gives easy access to sales through Amazon. I will also produce an ebook (Kindle-compatible) version. Costs are fairly low. Therefore, I am proposing a target of just $500 to get the project done on Kickstarter. However, if we achieve more than that target, then I will use the excess on extra publicity for the book. Some of the $500 may be used for services such as commissioning good cover design or possibly layout.

Obviously, I need contributors to the book. I am proposing that those who pledge to the Kickstarter project with just $25 or more will be able to submit a chapter. Obviously, I have to look at the chapter and decide whether or not it is going into the book. I cannot guarantee to put your story in the book, simply because to do so would leave the project open to abuse by those who want to ridicule Christianity or force me to publish offensive material. However, if the story is readable and conforms to Christian values, I am not going to exclude it – unless I get too many stories.

The exact levels of rewards are published on the Kickstarter project page.

I have to give an end time to the crowd-funding project. So I have chosen to end the project on January 31st 2013. If the project does not achieve the $500 target by that stage, the project will not proceed, and your money pledged will not be taken. After that date, I am allowing until February 15th 2013 for the stories to be sent to me. Then, I am intending to get the book published no later than May 1st 2015.

Visit the
World's of Faith Kickstarter Project Page.

All authors of these stories will be Christians and the stories written will be broadly Christian and apologetic (defense of the faith) in nature. The author’s information – such as, if desired, name, address, brief bio, website and copyright details and any other relevant information required – will be included on the first page of the story. Copyright will remain with the authors, and you will have complete right to re-use the stories on your own websites, and in your own books, either as written, or amended. Obviously, that right does not extend to using other peoples’ stories. I will find a method for authors to be able to get copies of the books printed and mailed at cost – i.e. no profit on these books that you require for me. I will also endeavor to make the book available on Amazon and/or other sales sites for a small profit, which I will keep as recompense for the editing work. It will not be possible to pay royalties to the authors on the stories, but as stated before, all authors would be able to re-use their stories in whatever way they saw fit. Additionally, if authors want to sell the books themselves, they can do so for whatever attempted profit they like, and will keep all the profit raised as recompense for their own efforts and ingenuity in selling the book.

If an author wishes to submit a second story for consideration, that will be fine. I would prefer not to include more than two stories per author. I will include a minimum of 16 and maximum of 30 stories. Stories should be a minimum of 2,000 words, and no more than 8,000 words. If we have 20 stories, with an average of 4,000 words, the book will be 80,000 words long, and will be approximately 320 pages long, and will cost about $4.69 to print (not including shipping) through Create Space.


Pop over to the Worlds of Faith project page at Kickstarter to register your interest. Then, get writing!

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