Creation Today Show

September 10, 2013
Author Article Creation News

Have you watched the Creation Today Show lately? We are now into Season 3, and it is turning out to be our best yet. We have covered some interesting topics, and had two interviews with Bodie Hodge from Answers in Genesis.

The current show is on Evidence vs. Faith. The show due to be released this week is the first of 4 shows on the origins of life, in which we examine the various evolutionary ideas on how they thing life began.

As always, the show is entertaining as well as informative. So tune in to watch Eric Hovind and me and enjoy!

The Creation Today Show can be seen in the South-East on WHBR (channel 33) – part of the CTN network. It can also be seen in the UK on Revelation TV, available on both Sky and Freesat platforms.

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