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Creation Illustrated
July 8, 2014
Author Article Creation

Creation IllustratedOne of the joys of being a creation speaker is seeing high quality publications – especially magazines. One of the less well known, yet most beautiful, creation magazines around is called Creation Illustrated.

The emphasis in CI has always been high-quality photographs. the effect is visually stunning – a magazine that you would not be ashamed to leave in your doctor's office, or coffee shop.

I am a regular contributor to this lovely magazine. You can obviously subscribe to the magazine by going directly to their website, but you can now also get the magazine from me. Just contact me (through the contact page) and I will explain how. Potential subscribers in the Pensacola area can get the magazine directly from me. You will also find copies available to read in the Drowsy Poet Coffee Shop @ Innerlight, Pensacola Beach.

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