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June 26, 2012
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3D eBookLast week, I posted a series of articles on how to make your own Kindle-Compatible eBook. Well, guess what? I've now turned those instructions into an eBook! So you can have an eBook about how to make an eBook. Just to be fair, I have made it in two versions – a Kindle-Compatible MOBI version and a PDF version as well.

I wrote the articles about free DRM-less eBooks, so it would seem silly not to make this a DRM-less book. So that is what I have done. And the eBook, Create Your Own Kindle-Compatible eBook, is free for you to download. All you have to do is to sign up for my email prayer/newsletter, and, as a way of saying thank you to you for supporting this blog, you will get the eBook free.

So, don't delay. Sign up now for my prayer/newsletter and get your free eBook. The newsletter is distributed my MailChimp, who are very professional, and make it easy to unsubscribe, so, if you really don't want my newsletter, then sign up anyway, and when you get the first issue, you can easily unsubscribe using the link at the foot of the email! But, obviously, I hope that you will be interested in finding out more about my books, writing and ministry (which is exclusively through Creation Today).



2 responses on “Create Your Own eBook – the eBook!

  1. Cowboy Bob

    Good job. As Will Smith said in “Independence Day”, “I gotta get me one of these!”

    Note for non-Kindle users who don't like PDF: The Calibre e-book manager free software will easily convert non-DRM books like yours into MOBI and other e-book formats.

  2. Paul Taylor Post author

    Yes – I have just discovered Calibre, and will investigate it further. I may need to make a new tutorial, because Calibre seems to work better than Mobipocket Creator. And it can produce a range of eBook formats. Also, the new edition of PagePlus (X6) will publish Kindle and Nook format eBooks. I need to investigate that – my copy of PagePlus is version X4.

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