Cool Cymru: 3 Bonnie Tyler

October 22, 2012
Fun Music video

I only recently discovered that this powerful songstress was Welsh! Many of her songs – including this – were written and produced by the same team that worked with Meatloaf. And the power of the songs confirms that – but Tyler is a lot easierr on the eyes!

This is her biggest hit: Total Eclipse of the Heart.


One response on “Cool Cymru: 3 Bonnie Tyler

  1. Piltdown Superman

    The video has some of the common elements of the 1980s that make you say, "What…?" 

    Steinman often had a flair for lyrics. Here, I like "We're living in a powderkeg and giving off sparks".

    In the instrumental break, the big drum booms are almost like explosions, I always liked that. And it kind of gets to me when she sings the opening lines at the end, a wistful "turn around". 

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