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Post-Tribulation Facebook Group

Letters to the Thessalonians

I have posted before about my concern that Christian Zionists have a habit of taking a pre-tribulation eschatology, whereas many post-tribulationists are taking an anti-Zionist position. To this end, I have started a new Facebook group that you might care to join. The group takes a Historic (post-tribulation) Pre-Millennial eschatology, with support for Christian Zionism.…

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Unsavory Fellow Travelers of the Post-Tribulationists

Bible in a circle

That's a snappy little title isn't it! I have become concerned recently that there seems to be a growing anti-Zionist and even anti-semitic trend amongst some post-tribulationists. I noticed this in comments on a Facebook group dedicated to post-tribulationism. And I have seen it in some post-tribulationist website articles. I believe that the Bible teaches…

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