Cameron Does God

David Cameron
April 20, 2014
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David CameronIt was Alastair Campbell – the infamous PR guru of former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair – who once sidestepped a question on his boss's alleged faith with the words “We don't do God”. In a series of speeches and interviews over the Easter period, the current PM, David Cameron, has declared that he is a Christian.

So what sort of Christian is he? Well, he and his family attended church this Easter. According to a BBC report, “he and his children mulled over 'what Easter is all about' as they ate breakfast”. I guess that's a start. so what, according to our beloved leader, is Easter all about then? well, he seems to know what it isn't about.

“We had a bit of a conversation about that, (that) it wasn't about chocolate eggs.”

That's a relief, Mr Cameron. He was a bit nearer the mark in an interview on BBC Norfolk, in which he repeatedly referred to Jesus as “my Saviour”. But saviour from what?

“I find a little bit of peace and hopefully a bit of guidance”.

That's nice. What sort of guidance does he receive? And in what form does it come? I know that I was one of many Christian UK Citizens who petitioned the Prime Minister before the Marriage (Same Sex) Act, which came into full force just a couple of weeks ago. What sort of guidance could he have received on that? He received the counsel of Christian citizens, church leaders and the relevant passages of the Bible. All of these combined to tell him that what he was doing was contrary to God's will. But he still went ahead and did it, and he recently declared himself to be “proud” to have achieved same sex marriage “equality”, declaring that his views were not “in spite of being Conservative, but because I am a Conservative.” (emphasis added) It was not difficult for Mr Cameron to work out what God thought about this subject, yet he still went ahead and did the exact opposite of God's will. How's that for “a bit of guidance”?

To be honest, we were probably better off when our leaders said that they didn't do God. Cameron says that he does do God – but he doesn't listen to Him or obey Him.

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