Another Step into the Dark for Britain

March 15, 2012
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Every so often I start to feel homesick for living in Britain. Then a news item happens that causes me to remember why I thought it was for the best to get out of Britain and why I am so grateful to God that He allowed us to settle in America.

The latest nonsense from Britain is news that is a couple of days old–but I have been so stunned by its enormity that I didn't feel able to blog about it straight away. It is the news about the forthcoming case in the European Court of Human Rights on the two ladies discriminated against for their faith. One of these ladies was under discipline at work for wearing a cross. The British Government has now decided, in its submission to the court, that workers have no right to wear crosses or other expressions of Christianity. An article on the Telegraph website, linked below, is today 5 days old – yet is still the 4th most read page TODAY; such is the shock caused by this announcement.

Christians have no right to wear a cross at work

So what's the fuss? Christians are not mandated to wear crosses, are they? No, of course we are not. That is not the point. I don't normally wear a cross. But I SHOULDN”T HAVE TO GET PERMISSION TO DO SO.

English law was always based on the premise that anything is legal, so long as it hasn't been forbidden. This is what distinguishes it from German law, for example, where nothing is legal unless the government have given you permission to do it.

If it is not interfering with my work, then why should I not talk about my faith, and display evidence of my faith? I have no objection if members of other faiths, or, indeed, atheists do the same–just as they should have no objection to my being able to tell them that they are wrong.

It is called liberty.

If this ridiculous government submission had been made by Tony Blair's government, we would rightly have pointed out how this fits with the godless state of Britain's left-wing party. But this submission was made by a Conservative Government (or, at least, a Conservative-led Government). This conflicts with information that I received from my Member of Parliament stating that he knew that Prime Minister David Cameron was disturbed by current media opposition to faith, and by Baroness Warsi's declaration that faith in Britain is important. It is SO important to Cameron, that he will make no attempt to defend it to the European Court of Human Rights. Add this to Cameron's indecent haste to put into law what the Bible clearly condemns in the way of so-called gay marriage, and we have yet more evidence that the moral state of Britain is going down the pan.

Jesus, come quickly, we pray!

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