Geri and Paul and the Volcano
August 22, 2014
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Geri and Paul and the Volcano
Geri and Paul and the Volcano

You have almost certainly realized that something has been going on over the last few weeks. So here is the announcement of the exciting news.

Geri and I will shortly be taking over as directors of the 7 Wonders Creation Museum on the road to Mount St Helens in Washington State. The current directors, Lloyd and Doris Anderson, are anxious to hand the ministry on, so we have been involved in a lot of negotiations over the last few weeks, involving many parties. The Board of the controlling ministry of the museum (Mount St Helens Creation Information Center) have appointed us on a consultancy basis. Meanwhile, our friends at Creation Today have agreed to second us there, as I am still on roll at that ministry, and will remain so for the time being. There will be an announcement of this news on their website soon.

Lloyd and Doris have built up this ministry over 16 years. The day we were offered the post (Friday August 15th 2014) was, in fact, the 16th anniversary of the museum opening.

The museum is east to find. Travel in either direction on I-5, and leave at Junction 49. There are tourist signs for the Mount St Helens Visitor Information Center. This takes you along Spirit Lake Highway. You pass the Information Center on your right after 5 miles. Keep going for another 5 miles, and the 7 Wonders Museum is clearly marked on the right.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be posting a lot more news on this subject, and lots of info about the museum, how you can get to it, and how you can support us.

We are being generously helped by the MSHCIC ministry and by Creation Today. However, when we get there, we will need a number of new essential items of furniture, and white goods, etc, to a total of about $2,000. If anyone can make a substantial contribution to this sum, we would be grateful. We would also mention that we will still, as now, be largely self-supporting financially, so will benefit from any regular monthly amounts you might feel able to provide. If you can give monthly to our living costs, please do so by giving to the 501c3 ministry Mount St Helens Creation Information Center at the address below.

7 Wonders Museum
(Mount St Helens Creation Information Center)
4749 Spirit Lake Hwy,
Silver Lake, WA 98645

Tel: (360) 274-5737

You can also still contact me through my website. All current speaking engagements are still happening; indeed, I am sill looking for booking for speaking engagements. But Geri and I should be in place in the new ministry by October 1st 2014.

The existing website for the museum can current;y be found at:

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