Andrae Crouch

January 26, 2015
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Andrae CrouchI was saved as a teenager, and was very much into music. However, I had eclectic musical tastes, trained in classical music, but loving good music of any form. So I devoured Contemporary Christian Music of various forms.

One name in CCM that often came up was that of Andrae Crouch. So I got hold of what was his latest album at that time – “I'll Be Thinking of You”. Musically, this was wonderful. But lyrically, it was even better. These lyrics were uncompromisingly Gospel centered. And this was coupled with some of the best music that I had ever heard – reminiscent of Stevie Wonder at his best (and, interestingly, Wonder actually appeared on the title track, playing harmonica!).

As arguably the foremost and most gifted exponent of Black Gospel Music, Crouch was unusual in the rainbow mix of followers and collaborators. He worked with all the greats of Christian music, but also of secular music.

Some of his songs are now classics – so well known that many sing them in church without knowing who the composer was. Examples would be “We Are Not Ashamed” and “Soon and Very Soon”.

It became clear in recent years that Crouch was a sick man. But now he has no pain, as he has gone to be with his Lord and Savior.

As I loved Crouch's music so much, I should finish with a YouTube clip of one of my favorite songs – a track from that first album of his that I bought. This track is a prayer of pain, repentance and faithfulness – “Touch Me”.

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