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August 23, 2011
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I have decided to drastically reduce the prices of the Just Six Days editions of John Bunyan's books, that I am publishing. I am currently publishing John Bunyan's Genesis: An Exposition of Chapters 1 to 11, and The Holy War. Both books contain an introduction which I wrote, and The Holy War also contains a study guide. I have reduced the prices on both to just $0.99!! (Note, on the price will be £0.75).


That is the absolute minimum that I can charge for thee books. Yes, you could find the text of both online for free, and there is even a free Kindle edition of The Holy War, but you won't get my introduction or study guide with the free versions. And I have carefully optimized these editions for Kindle.

I am going to follow these with some other classic books. The next one will be William Paley's Natural Theology, which will contain an introduction, a biography, and a detailed criticism of the evidential apologetics system, which Paley's book expounds, arguing instead for presuppositional apologetics. This will also be 99¢!!

So – get your copies quickly, before I change my mind. Follow the Amazon links below.

The Holy War by John Bunyan

Genesis: An Exposition of Chapters 1 to 11 by John Bunyan

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