Adrian Warnock: Biblically Refuting Strange Fire

October 29, 2013
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I have been considering doing a ┬áseries which would biblically refute John MacArthur's Strange Fire. As has frequently been the case recently, Adrian Warnock has beaten me to it – and done it very well indeed. His series is not yet finished, but this category link will give you a list of all the posts which he has categorized under “Strange Fire”.

4 responses on “Adrian Warnock: Biblically Refuting Strange Fire

  1. Ben Edens


    As I said in a personal email I sent you. I'm a Calvinist, but I'm not a fan of MacArthur. I felt the Strange Fire conference was hurtful and divisive among the body of Christ. While I may not agree with some of the charismatic doctrinal positions, it certainly isn't worth attacking and lumping all charismatics in together as heretics. The areas of disagreement are not on the essentials of Christian faith, therefore it was more a waste of time and energy that could have been used to build the kingdom, rather than tear it down.

    1. Geoff Hughes

      John Macarthur is the greatest Bible teacher of our generation. Before him was MartynLloyd Jones . You answer a book with a book so you peopleare now several booksbehind . Jon Macarthur is the most gifted teacher on the planetand all you people do is attack him. He has written several booksnow on charismaniaandthe correct way to refute his teaching is not with a series. By the way, he is writing one more book on this subject and none of you people will answer this book either because you have no real substantive answers. If you do, write your books so that we can go over them with a fine tooth comb as we have Macarthurs. In the meantime you are being divisive, carping, and ungodly

      1. Paul Taylor

        I am pleased that Mr Hughes respects MLJ. Read or listen to his sermons on Baptism in the Spirit. Suffice to say, he would not have agreed with Macarthur.

        Incidentally, I shall not go ahead with a series refuting Macarthur's unbiblical views. This has already been ably done by Michael Brown (Authentic Fire) and RT Kendall (Holy Fire)

  2. Paul Taylor Post author

    Mr. Hughes's further comments have been deleted, as there were several complaints about the tone and abusiveness of his comments. He has therefore been banned from commenting. It is amusing to note that in one of these comments, he argued that Martyn Lloyd-Jones could have been “corrected” from his views on the Holy Spirit, if only he could have got to talk to the great protestant pope Macarthur! I am leaving Mr. Hughes's first comment here, however, as it gives a flavor for the unintelligent and unscriptural manner of argumentation, which is so typical of many cessationists.

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