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February 19, 2013
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imageYou might not be aware that I dabble a bit in PHP programming. I particularly like messing with these Wordpress installations, and seeing if I can tweak them to better advantage. I have a website for this design and development work, which is called Old Castle Web Solutions.

imageI have had trouble recently with a very basic plugin that produces a new sidebar widget, in which the user can display an image. It refused to update properly under Wordpress 3.5.1. So I decided to have a go at writing my own. This, I have now done, and can announce the OCWS Image Widget is now available. At the time of writing this post, the widget is being deployed in the sidebar to the right, but I have included a screenshot, in case I later decide to remove it.

OCWS Image WidgetWhen I made my last plugin (the OCWS Admin Bar Greeting plugin), I decided to deploy it through the standard Wordpress repository. However, this repository does not allow one to advertize one’s services.So, with this Image Widget, I am deploying it myself, and experimenting with an update mechanism on my own website, courtesy of a WP developer called Jason Gill.

The OCWS is not going to be a Premium plugin. It will still be free to download and use and amend, under the terms of the GNU2 License. But it contains a logo and link to my OCWS website – nothing obtrusive at all. I think it is only fair that developers should be able to do this in a subtle manner, and am grateful to Mr. Gill for his work.

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