A New CD Coming Soon…

September 17, 2013
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coverAs an amateur musician and songwriter, I have literally hundreds of songs that I have written over the years. Sometimes, people have asked me if I have recorded any of them. Other times, people have asked me why that cat is being strangled. Either way, I decided it was time to lay down a few tracks.

I have recorded songs before, mind you. Many, many years ago, a Christian singer called Sara recorded several of my songs, and I played keyboards on the recording. But I do not have a copy of that anymore. I also previously started recording an album of songs on two occasions; but both times, I was too ambitious, and spent too long with drum machines and backing tracks.

This time, my good friend Kent-Andrew Hovind has recorded 12 tracks for me, featuring just piano and vocals. Nothing fancy, nothing difficult, but recorded carefully. The songs span a long period of my songwriting; the earliest having been written when I was 17, and the latest just a few weeks ago. I am very grateful to Kent for doing this, and am looking forward to releasing the final product. The finished album, called Different Worlds, should be available by the end of October 2013 on CD and on mp3 download. So watch this space! Meanwhile, I intend to get a couple of “taster” tracks available for you to have a listen. you will be able to download the tracks that I place here, though I will ask for a suggested donation of $1 per track. I hopeyou enjoy them. I'll have the first track ready in the next couple of days.

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