A BBC Conspiracy to Deceive

January 24, 2013
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Creationism Road Trip
From the CMI website

Anyone who still thinks that the BBC is an impartial, unbiased and balanced broadcaster should read this article by my friend Phil Robinson. He was invited to take part in a documentary, which was supposed to show a group of British creationists traveling around America, meeting and discussing science with creationist and evolutionist scientists. In fact, the program was edited in a biased manner, and aimed to ridicule the participants, one of whom was treated in a disgraceful and demeaning manner.

Phil is an experienced creation speaker, and well able to hold his own, which is why so much of what he had to say was cut. For example, although asked to give a presentation about the age of the earth, with reference to the Grand Canyon, his talk was interrupted by the producer as it was “too scientific”! When the program was shown, little of his presentation remained.

Read the who article at the CMI website.

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