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7 Wonders Museum
October 2, 2014
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7 Wonders Museum
7 Wonders Museum

As the new director of the 7 Wonders Creation Museum, at Silverlake, WA (on the road to Mount St Helens) I have put together a new website for the center. It is at 7wondersmuseum.org – though if you forget the .org and use either .com or .net, you will find that they will divert to 7wondersmuseum.org. The new site will initially contain two sorts of blog entries – news and articles. Each has its own link on the menu. The articles will be on the subject of creation, and, at first, I will copy a number of articles from this site.

So, any articles that I write in the future on creation will be posted straight to the 7 Wonders site, and it is unlikely, therefore, that they will be posted here. That means that this site will change slightly, as it will have less emphasis on creation, but give me more opportunity to publish material on the other issues that I consider important – eschatology, Israel and biblical charismaticism.

There it is in summary:

Creation Articles: 7wondersmuseum.org

All other topics: justsixdays.com

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