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50 questions
June 15, 2014
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50 Questions Christians Can’t Answer!

You reckon? I came across this set of questions recently. Apparently, these questions caused the author to lose his faith. Yet the answers to all the questions are readily available on the Internet.

You see, the truth is that this author never had any real faith in the first place, and he desperately wanted to believe in the myth of atheism. So he was too easily persuaded out of his false faith. Just a little research could have settled all the questions for him, if he had really wanted to be convinced.

We have pointed out many times that the rejection of the existence of God is illogical, because it leaves the alleged atheist with no firm basis for the knowledge that he has. In fact, without God, it is impossible to know anything at all. I will not repeat the arguments for this position here, because I have summarized them elsewhere.

However, authors like the one who published this list might want to have the answers to these 50 questions in one place for two reasons:

1. It will prove that Christians can and do answer these questions

2. When the author rejects my answers (as I am sure he will) it will prove that he is not really interested in the answers anyway.

1 – If God is omnipotent (all-powerful), why did he take six days to create everything? Why not speak everything into existence all at once?

God could easily have spoken everything into existence at once. But Exodus 20:11 tells us that He spread it over 6 days, followed by 1 of rest, to set us the pattern of a weekly cycle.

2 – Why won't God heal amputees?

Why should He? Why should He heal anyone? There is, however, no reason to suppose that He hasn’t healed amputees on some occasions.

3 – If God is so perfect, then why did he create something so imperfect allowing pain, suffering and daily atrocities?

God created a world that was perfect. He gave people the ability to choose to obey or to disobey Him. If He had not done so, the world would not have been perfect, as we would have been automatons. Adam and Eve used that ability to choose to disobey Him. Therefore, the pain, suffering and atrocities in the world are not God’s fault – they are the fault of humanity.

4 – Why did the little old lady that God healed one Sunday need her walker to get around again next Sunday? Was she only temporarily worthy of a healing?

There are charlatans among “healers”. There is not point in not admitting this.

5 – How did Noah fit the millions and millions of species of animals on this planet into his ark? It doesn't take a mathematical genius to realize the physical impossibility of this.

He didn’t fit millions of species into the Ark. He just had to fit two of every kind of land vertebrate and flying vertebrate into the Ark. The biblical kind is approximately equivalent to the family taxonomy used in secular sciences. The species developed by speciation after the Flood.

6 – If Noah did fit all of these species on the ark for forty days and forty nights, how did the penguins make it from Mt. Ararat to the Antarctic? How did the koala bears make it to Australia with no eucalyptus to eat along the way?

I wrote a detailed answer to this in the New Answers Book 1. In brief – the rapid development of these specializations by speciation came AFTER the Flood and AFTER migration.

7 – Why do innocent children have to suffer with terminal diseases such as cancer? What part of 'God's plan' is this exactly?

Straw man question. There is no such thing as an innocent child. The suffering of children is caused by human behavior, not God. It is as a result of the answer to Q3. Sib\nce the question is emotive, it is unlikely that my answer will be acceptable to the author.

8 – How is it that the bible explains the earth to be 6,000 to 8,000 years old when we know that dinosaur bones are at least 65 million years old? This isn't the only example of our planet's age by any means, either.

I have written about this at length. The Bible gives the age as 6,000 years, not 8,000 years. We do not know that dinosaur bones are 65 million years old. This is a presupposition based on faulty calculations.

9 – Why can't the all-powerful God forgive someone of their sins after they die? Example: A Christian man that is seemingly on God's good list makes a stupid decision and decides to drink a little too much at the fish fry. On his way home he crashes into a mini-van killing a mother, her two children and his self. This man led a very faithful life and made one stupid, yet grave mistake. If this man did not ask for forgiveness of his sins before the electrical activity in his brain ceased, then God will judge him and send him to hell to burn for eternity.

You are incorrect. In your scenario, the man would have been forgiven. we are forgiven of sins past, present and future. So your question is incorrect.

10 – God wants everyone to worship and follow him and, if they don't, they burn in hell for all eternity. What does this type of attitude say about his character? By definition, he would be described as a tyrant.

Why do you wish to comment on the character of someone you do not believe exists? The question is illogical. My presupposition is that God is perfect and holy, and worthy of worship, and that the rejection of  God is a deliberate act labeled in the Bible as foolishness.

11 – If Jesus died on the cross and spent three days in hell to pay for the sins of the world, then why would we have to go to hell ourselves and pay for them again? God is then, in essence, being paid for our sins twice. With that said, was Jesus' sacrifice not worthy enough? If that is the case, why should we care that he died for our sins if his sacrifice means nothing at all?

The Bible does not say that Jesus spent three days in Hell. It says that He suffered for our sins on the cross. When He died, He told one of the thieves that he would be with Him in Paradise – not Hell.

12 – If God wants us all to follow and worship him, why didn't he create us as such? *Your expected answer will be addressed in the next question.

See the answer above.

13 – What good is it for us to have free will if the intention is for us not to use it? Sure, we can use our free will, but we will burn in hell for eternity if we do. Russian roulette, anybody? It sounds like a set-up to me.

That is because your question has a false premise. Of course it is God’s intention for us to exercise our choice to obey or disobey. I have used by choice to submit my life in repentance and faith to Jesus. How is that Russian Roulette?

14 – In the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, why would God kill Lot's wife, Sarah, by turning her into a pillar of salt for simply looking in the wrong direction? *Warning of impending sarcasm.* God is a merciful God……….. right.

She was not punished for turning around. She was punished for deliberately disobeying God’s order, and for desiring to return to a place of extreme wickedness.

15 – What purpose does hell serve? If it is punishment for sinful actions, shouldn't it be used for correctional purposes? Seeing as though you burn forever, you will never get out of hell to show that you have learned your lesson. Would it make sense to live a faithful Christian life glorifying the Lord and to accidentally sin by saying a curse word the instant you smash your car into the back of a tractor-trailer, thereby being condemned to burn in hell forever?

There is ample time and opportunity to repent of our sins NOW. Everybody has this opportunity. After death it is too late. But God does not send saved sinners to Hell for accidentally saying a curse word. That is a ridiculous proposition, and is contrary to what the Bible teaches. The Christian driver in your example would go straight to Heaven, as he has already been forgiven that curse word.

16 – We know that we feel physical feelings through electrical impulses that send information to our brains through our nervous system. Once we die, we no longer feel pain due to the lack of a physical nervous system and, oh yeah, a brain. How could we 'feel' the excruciating flames of hell for eternity? Does God make you feel this torment for all eternity out of pure malice because you wouldn't worship him?

After death, the soul lives on. So pain can be felt. God does not send people to Hell for not worshiping Him, but for deliberately rejecting Him, even though they know Him to be true. You are sent to Hell for sinning against the God that you know exists.

17 – If God is perfect and his creations perfect, why did he fail several times? He had to impose suffering upon the human race because Adam and Eve defied him by eating of the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Failed! He had to flood the planet 1,600 years later wiping out all but eight humans. Failure! He had to confuse human language after Nimrod and the Tower of Babel incident so that they could not effectively communicate with each other. Failure! How is this a track record of a perfect being?

It is a record of God’s nature of wrath against sin and mercy for repentant sinners. Every one of these events is a success, as they all point to God.

18 – If God is omnipotent, why does he not just show himself to all of us, all at once, thereby ending this game of free will and temptation?

He has already done so. Everyone knows that God exists, because it would be impossible to have knowledge without God. Most atheists believe it is impossible to be sure of anything we know. So the only way to know something for sure is either to know everything, or to know someone else who knows everything who has revealed some of that truth to us. So, without God it is impossible to know anything at all.

19 – If, in the beginning, there was only God and he created everything, why would he create angels that had the propensity to defy him? This very fallacy led to Lucifer challenging his authority because he desired to share the same power as God. This led to the rise, or fall depending on how you look at it, of Satan, the most notorious enemy of God and his followers. Failed, again!

Angels are not robots. They have the ability to choose to obey or disobey.

20 – Why would you trust 'God's plan' given his track record of many failures?

The premise of your question is wrong.

21 – A disciple of Christ, Thomas, was a skeptic. He walked with Jesus during his time on earth and physically witnessed with his own eyes certain miracles performed by him such as raising Lazarus from the dead and so forth. However, after the crucifixion, Jesus supposedly rose three days later and Thomas did not believe it was truly him despite being told, prior to the incident by Jesus, that he would rise again in three days. Thomas required physical proof. Jesus allowed him to touch him and feel the wounds in his body to offer that proof to Thomas. Why doesn't god extend the same proof to humans alive today? Those that doubt his existence are no different than Thomas, requiring physical proof and he was a disciple of Jesus himself. If Thomas had been born one generation later, or even living today, he would have burned in hell for all eternity because he would not believe for the lack of physical proof. Paul was born after the death and ascension of Christ. Throughout his life, he did not believe that Jesus was the son of God and even went out of his way to persecute and murder Christians thinking that their religion was a dangerous belief system to practice. Lo and behold a flash of light came out of the sky and Jesus Christ himself appeared to Paul explaining to him that he is actually the one true god. Jesus told him that he was persecuting the followers of the only true faith. From that point on, Paul was a converted Christian. Again, if God was willing to go out of his way to physically prove to Paul that he actually exists, why is this not done today? Why isn't God willing to show those that doubt today the same degree of physical proof? Why should we be any different than Thomas and Paul?

You have the written record of eyewitnesses to all these events. There is no logical reason why you should not just accept the eyewitness evidence.

22 – Christians argue evolution by asking why there aren't any half-ape/half-men walking around today, right? Why don't we see giants, fiery talking serpents, talking donkeys and many other mythical creatures that are described in the Bible?

The first part of your question is incorrect. In the Bible, giants refers to large animals – we know these existed, because we see them in the fossil record. There is no record of the fiery flying serpent (seraphim) talking. These are likely to be extinct creatures – possible pterosaurs. The serpent in Genesis 3 was possessed by the devil, and the talking donkey was made to talk by God. These are logical, not mythical creatures.

23 – If we are to only have sex for the purpose of pro-creation, and to do so outside of the scope of pro-creation is sinful, then why would God create us with an over abundance of nerve endings in our reproductive organs making sex extremely pleasurable? It sounds like yet another set-up.

You have this wrong. Sex is meant to be pleasurable. Read Song of Solomon. However, sex is intended within marriage, not outside it. But sex is not only for pro-creation – once again, you have your question wrong.

24 – Why do Christians share the same statistical rate of divorce as everyone else? “What God hath made, let no man put asunder.” How could Christian marriages fail if they are sanctified by God? Hmmmm…. interesting.

This is a myth. It is not borne out by statistics. The rate of divorce among Christians is not the same as outside the church – it is much less. Of course, it ought to be zero – but there are sinners in the church as well.

25 – In the book of Luke chapter 19 verse 27, Jesus says, “But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.” This seems pretty clear that Jesus would have Christians kill all non-believers. How do you explain this? Convert them or kill them, right?

Wrong. God slays all those who are His enemies. He does not give permission to Christians to do so.

26 – If God created everything, why did he create AIDS, influenza, ebola, ecoli and so on and so on? These, as viruses, are living things. You definitely can not use the free will card for this one. Is this another part of 'God's plan'?

God made the world to be perfect with no disease. All these defects came about because of humanity’s sin.

27 – How can God answer a prayer giving a working-class man in the United States a raise at his place of employment so that he can move his family into a larger house, but he does not answer the prayers to stop the starvation and disease of millions upon millions of children around the world? This must be another infinitely wise part of 'God's plan'.

An illogical question. There is enough food in the world for everyone to be fed. It is incorrectly distributed by human beings.

28 – If God's word is supposed to be the accurate word of God himself, how are we supposed to trust it enough to model our lives after it 100% when hundreds of books were excluded from the original text throughout so many translations and revisions in history?

In correct. “Hundreds” of books were not excluded. It has always been obvious, from early times, which books were meant to be in the Bible.

29 – Why is there no evidence of any of the miracles performed by God? None whatsoever.

Incorrect. There is a lot of evidence. You choose not to believe that evidence. What evidence would you accept? Someone rising from the dead, and having eyewitnesses testify to the fact?

30 – If God and Jesus are the same, having the same mind, knowledge and power, then why would Jesus beg himself in the garden of Gethsemane, to spare himself from having to be crucified? Furthermore, why would Jesus ask himself why he has forsaken himself by allowing himself to be crucified?

You have read that that portion incorrectly. Jesus did not beg to be spared Gethsemane. He was begging that the Father would raise Him from the dead (“take this cup from me”). God is in three persons – the Trinity. It is a hard concept to get our heads around, but completely logical, showing that the single omnipotent God has never been alone throughout eternity.

31 – If you believe that your eternal life is more important than your physical life and you believe that all children are innocent in the eyes of God, why not kill your children so they are guaranteed to go to heaven? You can't tell me that it is because killing is a sin. First of all, you could repent thereafter and be forgiven. Secondly, if you would sacrifice your life for your child who is about to be hit by a train, and you believe your eternal life is more important than this life, then it would stand to reason that you should kill your children to ensure their entrance into heaven before they are old enough to be held accountable for being a creature of sin, right?

A nonsensical question. Not really worthy of an answer. Someone who carried out such brutal acts would prove that they had never really believed in God at all. BTW – the Bible does not claim that children are innocent.

32 – If you do believe that children are innocent in the eyes of God, wouldn't it be reasonable to suggest that abortion doctors are winning more souls for Christ than Christian missionaries? Why not bomb a pre-school? That would surely win a lot of souls for Christ.

Children are not innocent. But they ARE human. Therefore, the destruction of human life is murder.

33 – If you do not believe that children are innocent in the eyes of God, wouldn't it be fair to suggest that God is a monster for sending babies and toddlers to hell upon their death? Do you see the conundrum here?

No conundrum. Children who are too young to think for themselves will be saved by God, even though they are not innocent, because they have been unable to build up a record of rejection of God.

34 – It is a common belief among Christians that the only unforgivable sin is consciously rejecting Christ as Lord and savior. With that said, it is also believed by Christians that those who have never heard of Jesus and the Christian faith, i.e. individuals within an isolated tribe, babies and so forth, have no concept of Christ and can not, therefore, be in the position to consciously reject him. This would allow them entrance into heaven by default. With that said, why would you tell anyone about Christ? Why would you spread the word if that would put them in the position to consciously reject him? If they are already going to heaven due to their ignorance of the word of God, why not just let that be? You would, in effect, be losing more souls to Satan by spreading the word. You might want to rethink that whole “fishers of men” thing.

Your premise is incorrect. Everybody knows that the true God of the Bible exists, and many choose to reject Him. They are not sent to Hell for not believing in a God they have not heard of. They are sent to Hell for the conscious rejection of the God who they KNOW exists. Because God is omnipotent, if He knew that some such isolated tribesman would have accepted Him, He would have made sure that someone had been there to tell him about Jesus.

35 – Imagine that I had the power and ability to feed millions and end all suffering. Now, imagine that I simply chose not to do so because these millions of people that are suffering did not like me. You would probably like me even less then, right? Then why does God get a 'get out of jail free card' on that one? Wait a minute, 'God's plan,' right? Gotcha.

It is the job of human beings to distribute the plentiful food supply.

36 – Why are more atrocities committed in the name of God than anything else?

Incorrect. The greatest atrocities in history were committed by unbelieving pagans, who claimed to be catholics (Hitler) and by atheists (Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot).

37 – The bible states that it is easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. If it is fairly difficult for the rich to go to heaven then why are there wealthy Christians? Why wouldn't these rich Christians give up all of their wealth to make it easier for them to enter the kingdom of heaven and help out their fellow man because their God won't?

Ask them! I know some rich people who use their wealth to give to the poor. And I know fake Christians who do not.

38 – Building upon the previous question, if it is almost impossible for the rich to enter the kingdom of heaven, then why would God create heaven as having pearly gates, streets of gold and many mansions? It sounds like he wants us to be poor in life so that we will want to be rich in the afterlife, maybe? Is God using the sinful value of greed to attract humans to believe in him? Does that make any sense whatsoever?

You haven’t been reading the same Bible that I read. Where do you get these strange ideas?

39 – If God is perfect then his creations should be perfect, right? Then that would mean that the earth is a perfect creation. Then why would God have to create another perfect place, heaven, and use it to entice us to believe in him? What kind of assurance do we have that heaven would be any better than his other 'perfect' creation, earth?

Past tense. Earth WAS perfect. It is no longer perfect.

40 – God allowed Jesus to be tempted as a human by Satan in the wilderness of the desert. Again, if God and Jesus are the same entity, then what kind of sense does it make for God to allow himself to be tempted by Satan in the wilderness to see if he would give in to the temptation? In addition to that, if he were all-knowing, he would have already known the outcome and, therefore, could have avoided the whole thing all together.

There was no chance of Satan succeeding in his temptation of Jesus. But Satan did not know that.

41 – If heaven is to be a place free of sadness, pain and suffering, then how can you be happy in heaven knowing that the vast majority of humankind is painfully burning for eternity, especially when some of them may be your loved ones?

At last, a question that I don’t know the answer to. I don’t know. Except that I will have been made perfect then, so I guess I will understand God’s wisdom in what He had done. Did you ever find out that a dearly loved uncle was actually a child-abuser, so your love turned to hate? I guess we will understand the reasons that God had to reject many people who we thought were nice.

42 – Seeing as though everything we, including Christians, enjoy in the modern world is a product of science, why do Christians so fervently deny factual scientific evidence that disproves so many aspects of the bible and their religion as a whole?

Incorrect premise. Christians do not reject operational science. In fact, every major scientific discovery of the modern scientific era was made by a Bible-believing Christian.

43 – If Christianity is the only true religion, then why do practitioners of all other religions feel fulfilled in their faith and achieve the same desired results as Christians?

They suppress the truth in unrighteousness. Every single person in the w orld actually knows that the God of the Bible is the true God.

44 – If God created everything, then why did he create the tree of knowledge of good and evil and put it right in the middle of the Garden of Eden for Eve to eat of its fruit if he didn't want her to? Furthermore, why did God create the serpent that tempted Eve? Uh-oh, it sounds like another possible set-up.

God gave Adam and eve the ability to choose to obey or disobey. The rest of this question has already been answered above.

45 – In the beginning God created Adam and Eve, right? Then Adam and Eve had Cain and Abel. What happens next? How did the species propagate itself? Incest is genetically detrimental to offspring. It is also seen as being terribly immoral among the majority of people alive today, including Christians. There was either some incest going on or God created more people from scratch and we weren't told about it. The same scenario applies to the flood incident. Sure, Noah's three sons had wives, but that would still mean that, out of the eight remaining individuals on the planet, there is only a 50% variation of genetic code. Mathematically, inbreeding was sure to be necessary to replenish the earth.

Adam and eve had lots of sons and daughters. Incest only became a sin at the time of Moses, because genetic mutations made it dangerous. In the second generation, there were very few mutations, so there was no danger to the children for brothers ad sisters to marry, even if that sounds strange to our ears today.

46 – Why does God allow things to happen among his followers that he has already deemed to be sinful, i.e. incest example above, “thou shall not kill” and so forth, and it is alright as long as it is done in his name? Remember, more deaths have occurred in history in God's name.

The Bible does not forbid killing in certain circumstances, such as war, or capital punishment. The Bible does not forbid killing. It forbids murder. There is a distinction.

47 – How did Adam live to 930, Seth 912 and Methuselah 969 years old when anthropological evidence shows that we have progressively increased our longevity throughout history? If they did live that long back then, this concept would be reversed and our longevity should have been decreasing throughout history, right? That would mean that people 500 years ago should have lived to at least 200 years old. Why do we not find evidence of this throughout written historical birth and death records as well as archaeological and anthropological evidence?

There were fewer mutations before the Flood. Try plotting the ages of the Genesis 11 patriarchs against their generation. You will obtain an exponential decay curve, which resolves to 70 in about 10 generations. So your calculation (based on linear decay) is wrong.

48 – God has killed more people than Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Sadam Hussein, Milosevic, Osama Bin Laden and Jim Jones combined. Why would you not follow them instead of God? Based on this standard, these monsters are compassionate compared to God.

The premise of this question is both nonsensical and incorrect.

49 – Why is it that when a Christian is faced with questions that have huge negative implications towards the logic of their faith, they conveniently say that it is in God's plan? Is the scope of their own understanding of the religion and God they have offered their souls to so limited that their only answer is 'God's plan'? Judging by the above mentioned failures, God's plan does not seem to be a very good one.

Your reading of the Bible appears to be selective, which is why you have misunderstood so much, and why your questions are increasingly illogical.

50 – Why would God give us the capability of logic and reason and expect us not to use it when it comes to belief in him and his word?

On the contrary. He expects us to use all the skills you have mentioned. But atheists are incapable of logic, as they have no foundation for it.

So, all the questions have been answered. But, of course, the answers will not be acceptable, because the authors of such questions are not really interested in answers. They actually merely require excuses for their unbelief.


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  1. Christopher de Vidal

    It is regrettable that this author has not exposed himself to the copious answers to these questions offered by the apologetics community of Christianity. Far from being incapable of being answered, there is not a single one on the list that hasn't received ample treatment in Christendom. Given that these are not hard to find, one can justifiably conclude that the author just didn't want to find them. ~Tyler 6/16/2014

  2. Christopher de Vidal

    An atheist challenged me with #7 years ago. The study I undertook in response greatly deepened my faith. Some Christians may not be able to answer these questions, but the Bible sure can.

  3. Beatriz Atkins

    HI, this is great to have it in Spanish. Volunteering to translate it. Working on it. Could I send it to you and you link it to wherever you want to post it? Jsut a thought.

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