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TwitterShort Bio for those arriving from my Twitter profile. My name is Paul Taylor. I speak and write on creation issues, and I work for Creation Today, Pensacola, FL, USA. I was born in Ashton-under-Lyne, near Manchester, in the north of England (United Kingdom). I trained as a musician, then worked as a science teacher for 18 years, in schools in England and Wales. After this, I worked as an ICT trainer and web developer for a few years, before being invited to work for Answers in Genesis (UK) in Leicester. In 2011, I moved to America to work for Creation Today. I am married to Geri, and we have five children between us.

A more detailed biography can be found here.

Twitter is useful to me, but has also become problematic. It is used by some people to “spy” on those in Christian ministry, rather than to support. Some juvenile Twitterers actually take the trouble to log my movements and comments and go away to make disparaging and insulting comments on their own blogs. Get a life, guys! In the past, I protected my Twitter account, and rejected most requests to follow. I have now opened it up again, but am prepared to block anyone who abuses the medium. My friends and family should not have to put up with abuse or foul language from semi-anonymous Twittering idiots.

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