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Facebook LogoMy personal Facebook profile is at Facebook.com/pftaylor61. This is a personal space, so I often post stuff of relevance to family and friends. However, I also post stuff relevant to my work. Because this page is for my family and friends, please note that I do not accept Facebook friend requests from anyone that I do not actually know. Please do not think that you will get to know me through Facebook. You will not. I have seen members of my family insulted through my Facebook page, by people who thought they were my “friends”, so thought they had the right to say what they wanted. So most friend requests will be deleted – do not waste your time sending such a request. Old school friends, however, are very welcome, and I look forward to getting your friend request, so that I can deal with it positively!

For those who want to follow my ministry, please visit my Public Profile at https://www.facebook.com/paul.taylor.public

Old Castle Web Solutions on Facebook: my side web development business has a Facebook page.

Please note, for the record, that I do not accept Facebook friend requests from people who do not give real names.