Special Pages

Paul Taylor's Just Six Days LogoIn this section of my site, I have a number of special pages explaining my personal philosophy and policies. You will find links here to my pages about Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media platforms, as well as documents on subjects like Humility—the absence of which  I struggle with daily.

Please note that, for security reasons, my LinkedIn account is now closed.

Twitter: how I prefer to use Twitter

Facebook: how I prefer to use Facebook

Instagram: how I prefer to use Instagram

Goodreads: books that I have read and commented on

Google+: how I prefer to use Google+

Pinterest: how I intend to use Pinterest

Old Castle Web Solutions

Oldë English Web Development—Here in America!

Tumblr: some information about my tumbleblog, Just Six Days @ tumblr

Delicious: more of a bookmarking service, rather than a social network.

Creation Conversations: a ning social media platform discussing creationism

Stumbleupon: another bookmarking service

Tuition: offering tuition in High School science

Humility: struggling to be humble