Worlds of Faith

Worlds of FaithI love the whole new concept of Apologetics Fiction – defending the Christian faith, by means of well told and interesting stories. But how can people get started in this field, if they have never written a full length novel before? Is there anywhere where short stories could be published?

I wanted to put a book together, which would be a digest of new Apologetics fiction. My idea was to have a collection of maybe about 20 short stories.

After a crowdfunding project, hosted at Kickstarter, I got the funds I needed to set the book up. I quickly got 5 stories – but realized that this was nowhere near enough. Then began a long series of discouraging delays. However, eventually I got hold of 13 stories and 3 poems to fill the book to 294 pages.

Well, the book is now ready, and will shortly be submitted through CreateSpace, selling in both paperback and kindle formats.

Many thanks to all who have been encouraging during this project. The range of writers is interesting – including a couple of previously published authors, to lend authenticity, as well as several who have never had work published before. Buy the book as soon as it is ready, and I know you will not be disappointed!

Worlds of Faith
The book, Worlds of Faith, will be available shortly on Amazon.

For Kickstarter contributors only, here is a link for you to download the free ebook version. You will need to enter your password to obtain the ebook.