The Six Days of Genesis

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A non-fiction book by Paul Taylor.

A Scientific and Devotional Appreciation of Genesis 1-11

Published by Master Books (January 2012). ISBN 13: 9780890514993

This book takes up-to-date creationist ideas and research and arranges it in Bible order, as a commentary on the early chapters of Genesis.

Back page blurb:

Dig in to the book of Genesis, verse-by-verse. This expository study of early Genesis, by British author Paul Taylor, is a reader-friendly journey from the creation of the primeval world to the Table of Nations. Written for the serious student, and perfect for pastors and lay leaders, this verse-by-verse study promotes the view that Genesis is literal history and can be defended from modern attacks from evolutionists. In recent years, conservative Christian thinkers have become alarmed at the erosion of biblical teaching, even in many seminaries across America and Britain. Taylor's book is a fresh, much-needed resource for teaching prospective clergy and professors, who will in turn teach the masses.

'North West Reader Chick' on Amazon said:

I loved this book. It was understandable language unlike some of the ones written in scientific jargin. It was one of the very best books I have read on this subject, which I find to be the truth of the matter for me. Very well written and hugs the Scriptures like a hand in a glove.

Also on Amazon, R. Key said:

There are many excellent books refuting evolution and this is one of them. Faith, of course, is a gift of God, and without it you cannot believe, but if you are having doubts about creation, read this book.

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FREE! Download chapter 1 of The Six Days of Genesis as a pdf. (Many thanks to Master Books for making this pdf available for me to use)

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The Six Days of Genesis – Chapter 1 (pdf)

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