Project: Knowing God As Creator

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I am considering putting together a new project on creation, which looks at how we know God as Creator. If all goes well, my idea would be to put together a book, study materials and videos, through Creation Today—the ministry for which I work.

I came to know so much more about God when I understood that He had created the world exactly as He told us He did in Genesis. As I have traveled and spoken to people, I have come to realize that I am not alone in this. Many people's experience of God has started, or has been enhanced, by their knowledge that the early chapters of Genesis are literally and historically true.

What I would like to do at the start of this project is to get a Twitter conversation going. I would be very interested in hearing your faith-building anecdote about knowing God as creator. So here's the plan. Please tweet your comments on the subject. If you have something long to say, put it on your blog and tweet a short url. But it might be easiest to stick to the 140 characters. Actually, you'll need to stick to 134 characters, because I am going to suggest that you use a special hashtag, so that we can all keep track of these testimonies. If you would like to share your testimony, which I will include in the book, if it's appropriate, then please use the hashtag #KGAC (Knowing God As Creator), and we'll be able to use this to collect your tweets. You don't necessarily need to use my handle, but if you need it, it's @justsixdays.

God bless and thanks.