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A non-fiction book by Paul Taylor.

How the Most Important Biblical Doctrines Are Based on the Foundations of Genesis

Published by J6D Publications (3rd Edition РJune 2014). ISBN 13: 9781499638196

Doctrine is not something that is cold. It should be alive and vibrant. It is relevant, because it links the teaching of the Bible to everyday situations. Most Christian doctrines are based on a foundation of Genesis. Paul Taylor has taken some of those teachings that matter to us most – the Trinity, the Deity of Christ, the Inerrancy of Scripture, Sin and Death, Salvation, Faith and Abraham and the Second Coming. In an easy to follow style, he looks at what the Bible says about each teaching, and then shows that it is much easier to understand and accept each teaching, when we start by believing the early chapters of Genesis to be true.

Back cover blurb:

Reminiscent of the recent popular movie The Perfect Storm, today's culture is being inundated with a plethora of events that have left it in a daze. Wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes, famines, and a general sense of evil triumphing, have caused both the religious and the secular to ask serious questions about what is happening. Enter: the new “theology” of the Bible, which is really no new theology at all. Paul Taylor has very succinctly laid out the biblical understandings of these times, by taking the reader back to the book of beginnings, Genesis, to expose the real personage behind the “new” answers being offered. Indeed, as he has shown, this no time to be motivated by seeking one's own preferred answers.


“I thank God for Paul Taylor's insight into what are often called the 'essentials' of Christianity…” Ray Comfort, Living Waters

No Time for Itching Ears should be required reading for new Christians” Carl Kerby, Reasons for Hope

“Of any time throughout history, truly this is 'No Time for Itching Ears'” Eric Hovind, Creation Today

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