My Books

I have written a number of books, which have been published by a few different publishing companies. This page gives a brief overview of each book, and links you to a page to find out more about each book. All the books below are designed to be easy to read.

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Itching Ears

Itching EarsHow the Most Important Biblical Doctrines Are Based on the Foundations of Genesis

Published by J6D Publications (January 2012). ISBN 13: 9781499638196

This book analyzes some of the most important primary Christian doctrines, such as the Trinity, the Deity of Christ and the Inerrancy of Scripture, and shows that they are all reflected in a literal, historical reading of the early chapters of Genesis.

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The Six Days of Genesis

Six Days of Genesis cover imageA Scientific Appreciation of Genesis 1-11

Published by Master Books (May 2007). ISBN 10: 0890514992; ISBN 13: 9780890514993

The Six Days of Genesis takes contemporary creationist thinking and arranges it into biblical order as a commentary on Genesis.

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Darwin and Darwinism: 150 Years Later

Darwin and Darwinism 150 years laterBiblical faith and the Christian worldview

Jointly authored with Ian McNaughton

Published by Day One Publications (2009). ISBN 13: 9781846251627

The first four chapters contain a biography of Charles Darwin, contemplating on his religious views (or lack of them). The final five chapters compare Darwin's worldview to the biblical worldview and shows how the two are not compatible.

This book has been translated into Albanian and Romanian.

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Truth, Lies and Science Education

Truth, Lies and Science EducationPublished by Day One Publications (2007). ISBN 13: 9781846250712

Drawing on my experience as a former schoolteacher of science, this book looks at the history of education in the Western world, particularly science education, and particularly at its spiritual roots. The book traces the development of the Science National Curriculum in England and Wales and looks at some pointers for the future of education in a Christian context.

Much of the material in the book was originally published in academic form as my Master's dissertation (University of Cardiff) under the title “Science and Spirituality in the National Curriculum”

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Cain and Abel

Cain and AbelWorship and Sacrifice

Published by J6D Publications (2009). ISBN 13: 9780954950033

Why did God reject Cain's offering, yet look in favour on Abel? This 64-page, easy-to-read book looks at Cain's problem and the solution found in Abel's actions – and shares the Good News about Jesus from Genesis chapter 4!

Have You Read Genesis Lately?

Have You Read Genesis Lately?The Complete NKJV Text, with annotations and introduction by Paul Taylor.

Published by J6D Publications (2010). ISBN 13: 9780956460608

Genesis is the foundational book of the Bible. Maybe you have always wanted to read it, but have felt intimidated, because there is so much of the Bible after it! While ALL of the Bible is for reading, the idea behind this book is that you can read Genesis by itself, as a separate paperback. The book includes the complete NKJV text of Genesis, used by permission, and brief comments on every chapter by Paul Taylor.