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Linux Mint 18

I reported on my success with getting Ubuntu Linux 17 on to laptops, and how easy it was to use. Well, I can now report that you have a choice! Linux Mint 18 has proved to be just as easy!

Linux Mint 18 has proved to be just as easy as Ubuntu.

The boot disc DVD was easy to make. It was also easy to make a bootable USB stick, using Rufus. Both methods easily made a clean install of Linux Mint on to old machines, which I am using for display purposes in our Creation Center.

The package manager in Mint is very different from that in Ubuntu, but equally easy to use. Mint came with the usual installation of LibreOffice. It also had GIMP installed, by default, whereas I had to install this on Ubuntu – although it was easy to do.

Then I added Scribus, Inkscape, Gedit, and Netbeans to my Linux install. These all added quickly and easily. Finally, I was able to find a set of instructions to install an entire LAMP server (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) in one fell swoop on Mint – something I have not yet managed on Ubuntu.

I was able to find a set of instructions to install an entire LAMP server.

The GUI for adding printers is the same on Mint as on Ubuntu, and works equally well.

So, all in all I am very happy to have two easy-to-use installations of Linux available. It is now at last theoretically possible that I could free myself entirely from Windows. I think a good test would be to use Scribus on Linux to write an entire book, from start to publication. If I can do that, then I will think I have arrive as a Linux user. And, unlike the Linux users of ten years ago, I have had to do very, very little on command line. Both Ubuntu and Linux Mint are distros for easy home use, for non-experts, non-geek, non-Linux techies! The days of open source computing for the masses is actually now here, if people choose to use it!

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