Cain and Abel: Worship and Sacrifice

by Paul Taylor

Cain and Abel book I wrote this book, because I have been fascinated by the disconnection so many people have between Bible stories and the Gospel message. Those brought up in traditional Sunday schools will have heard the account of Cain and Abel. They will perhaps, as I did for many years, have treated it as a legend or fable.

What began to startle me about the story was how its meaning altered if one assumed that the first three chapters of Genesis are true. Then the death of Abel becomes not just one more death, but the very first ever human death.

The significance of this is immense, and it turns out that the whole account of Cain and Abel, given the starting point of the truth of Genesis 1 to 3, becomes a precursor statement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The book is available from both Answers in Genesis and also the shop attached to this site.